About Student Admin Systems Group

Early in the summer of 2004 (just as Windows XP, Service Pack 2 was being released), the IT resources from the Office of Admissions, Student Financial Aid, and Registrar were merged to form what was called the Enrollment Management Systems Group (EMSG).  Late in that summer we moved to the Arizona International College where we shared the space with them as they completed their last year and closed the institution.  At that time we had about 25 people, managed 3 websites, and maintained a whopping 85 gigabytes of data.  (One of our servers was named WOPR; extra credit if you know the reference.)

In 2008 the campus launched the Mosaic project to replace our old student information system.  Almost half of EMSG’s personnel, including our director, were loaned to the project to provide the expertise to enable the transition.  Over the next 5 years some of our staff returned, but some stayed with UITS and are still there today.

In 2009 EMSG was assimilated into the world of Student Affairs and became the Student Affairs Systems Group (SASG).  This new relationship brought about several opportunities for SASG to take on an IT support role for several Student Affairs organizations.

Over the next 10 years our role within the Student Affairs environment has changed.  While we’re still about 25 people strong (ok, more like 30 if we include our student helpdesk technicians), we have greatly expanded the scope of our support to include 26 departments within Student Affairs.

Our business model is really very simple and has not changed significantly over the years.  We charge our customers for supporting their desktop and laptop workstations and once they’re in our workstation support family, they receive at no additional cost the full range of services we provide to include desktop support, website development, data and reporting services, and custom application development.  If work outside the scope of our normal service is required (for example, to support a third party application), we work with our customers to develop a separate agreement for those services and charge them separately for that support.

Our customer base is currently split across 22 buildings on campus, and recruiters throughout the US and world.  To get to all our customers in a timely manner, we maintain a fleet of five golf carts.

We’re a very busy group, and pride ourselves on our ability to provide truly world-class support and services.