Project Spotlight: Registration Calendars

Oct. 9, 2019

Registration Calendars is a customized, dynamic application built by SASG to replace the existing Dates and Deadlines section of the Office of the Registrar website. It was designed to improve the user experience when looking for important UA dates and deadlines by providing user-friendly options to browse and filter UA registration calendars.

In addition to improving the user experience, SASG collaborated with UITS to create an automated process for uploading dates and deadlines data from existing Registrar spreadsheets in order to calculate the necessary dates and push them to the appropriate tables in UAccess. The Registration Calendars application was then able to easily consume this data from UAccess, eliminating the need for dual manual entry of registration calendar data by Office of the Registrar staff.

Registration Calendars is slated to go-live by the end of October.