Introducing the SASG DevSecOps Team

Feb. 10, 2020

As we begin a new decade, SASG is positioning itself to become the University of Arizona's creative, efficiency and security leader in custom application and website development. We have moved beyond a DevOps (Development & Operations) workflow to a DevSecOps (Development, Security and Operations) model that incorporates a focus on Security and seamlessly integrates the full complement of SASG talent into the Development process at each project's inception. DevSecOps breaks down communication and team barriers between our Custom Application, Website Development and Network & Infrastructure units. The continuous integration of a DevSecOps workflow allows our Website and Application teams to write and deploy new code, bug fixes and updates while our Network team simultaneously scans the code for security vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities are mitigated upon discovery and the code is re-deployed and scanned. The DevSecOps process of breaking down communication barriers between our internal units allows us to continuously develop, test and deploy, code that with the full assurance that we are adhering to the strict security guidelines that are paramount in 2020. By aligning our internal teams into a DevSecOps workflow, we provide our University of Arizona Partners with secure, world-class, custom application and website innovation.