Inside SASG: Password Reset Portal

Oct. 1, 2020

The Password Reset portal is a custom application developed by SASG that assists users in resetting a forgotten or expired domain password after verifying their WebAuth credentials and three security questions. This project concept was borne out of one of those moments where we asked, “Why haven’t we done this already?” Coming from a desktop support background himself, Michael Camp, the lead developer on the project, has a track record of asking these kinds of questions and developing great products as a result.

At SASG, because we host our own domain on campus, we also manage our own active directory environment. The classic way to manage user passwords in those circumstances is to rely on Windows domain-bound machines to prompt for password resets, or wait for our partners to reach out to us directly to reset their account password. A custom application for password resetting needed to be built to bridge the gap between the classic way of doing things and modernizing that process.

But creating a new password reset tool for our domain would not be enough for the team working on the project. As Willie Cross, Amanda Dominguez, and Toni Holloway, among others, worked with Michael developing the portal, they began integrating more useful tools into the portal not just for our partners, but for members of the desktop services team as well. Integration of password reset notification tools streamlines the process even more, allowing us to send automated invites to folks so they can reset their SASG account password before it expires.  And the addition of an active directory lookup tool allows our analysts to get quick answers to any issues that may arise in the password reset process.

The Password Reset portal is now available at