Project Spotlight: Pantheon Website Migrations

Oct. 1, 2020
Student Admin Systems Group has partnered with the Campus Web Services Team at UITS to migrate new and existing SASG managed websites to Pantheon. Pantheon is what is known as a platform as a service. SASG will still be managing and building the websites for our partners. SASG is moving the sites to this platform because it is an opportunity to have the site run on a more manageable foundation with a variety of new tools to ensure your site runs smoothly with little to no downtime. Aside from minimal downtime, benefits of Pantheon include:
  • A development, test, and live instance of your site
    (this allows us to develop new components without affecting your live website)
  • Better, faster performance
    (your site will load faster and run more efficiently)
  • Additional support
    (SASG can leverage the help of the Campus Web Services Team if needed)
  • Cloud (off-site) hosted solution
    (your Drupal website will still run even if there is disruption on the SASG network)