Mary Ann Cardenas

Applications Systems Analyst/Developer, Principal

A military brat, Mary Ann spent the majority of her formative years in Japan.  Tucson is her adopted hometown.   She graduated from the UA  (MIS ’83)  eventually returning to work at the UA. In 1986, she joined the UA Environmental Research Lab Biosphere project where she provided technical support and PC database applications until 1988 when she returned to Japan to teach English for one year. She returned to the UA in 1990 where she joined the Office of the Registrar providing technical and programming support.  In the Fall of 1995, she joined the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA)  where she became the Manager of the Data Unit providing technical and programming support for the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA) daily operations.  In addition to planning and implementing SIS/FAM updates, she was primary OSFA technical lead for the FAM PLUS and MATRIX implementations and a member of the MOSAIC technical implementation team.  She is one of the original staff that formed EMSG, now SASG in 2004.  Mary Ann is experienced in  systems and data analysis, project management,  systems integration, troubleshooting and reporting services.  

Functional Title