Matt Grdinic

Applications Systems Analyst/Developer, Principal

Matthew Grdinic is a native of Wisconsin, and moved to Tucson in 2016. He began programming professionally in 1998, building web forms and Adobe flash sites. He attended the University Of Wisconsin in 2000, and graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s of science in 2004. He worked for several media and retail organizations in the roles of developer, team lead, and architect over the next decade. He founded Nicsoft LLC in 2007 and released his flagship product, FormBoss (now known as RackForms), a web-based tool for generating web forms and line of business applications. Since its founding RackForms has generated over 1.2 million dollars in licensing, consulting, and recurring revenue. Matt joined in SASG in 2017. His areas of expertise include user Experience, Software Design and Development, and Workflow Automation. In his free time Matt is an active exercise and fitness enthusiast, and loves spending time with his wife and close friends.