Campus Recreation Website

Campus Recreation Website

The Campus Recreation website was built and is maintained by the Student Admin Systems Group. The website was recently redeveloped in UA Quickstart, a Drupal 7 distribution maintained by the Arizona Digital team (of which SASG web developers are active members). This website is highly customized and features functionality and components that are not available in the UA Quickstart distribution.

You can visit this website by going to

Product Highlights

Link Tiles

This site has been built with a variety of custom components that are not available in the UA Quickstart Drupal distribution. One such component is the “Link Tile”.

Data Feeds

A custom data feed is integrated into this site in order to pull in student jobs from the Custom Development team’s Job Hire App.


Internal workflows make up a large portion of the content on the website. These workflows incorporate automation and email notifications.

The Campus Recreation website features fully customized components that are not available in the UA Quickstart Drupal distribution. Built as a navigating improvement to the old site, “Link Tiles” help site visitors more easily and efficiently navigate and discover activities and classes that are available within each program area at Campus Recreation.

Screenshot of Fitness & Wellness link tiles

Data Feeds

The Campus Recreation website consumes a JSON data feed to display student jobs that Campus Recreation is currently hiring for. Users can learn detailed information about the job and its requirements, and quickly apply for the job with a click of a button, which takes them to the Custom Programming team’s Student Job Hire app to finish their application.

Screenshot of a Lifeguard job posting


Behind the scenes, a custom workflow was developed to fit the needs of Campus Recreation’s internal review process so that site editors can create their content and send it through various review stages.

The entire process has been automated and also features email notifications at each stage of the review process, and scheduled publishing & unpublishing of content.

Workflow diagram of a content approval process